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    Fatima Feast (Somali Food sale Project)
    Total Assets of the Project
                 Description of itemsin RM
    011 Small Rice Cooker   100,00
    021 Freezer1500,00
    0310 Chairs  300,00
    041 Electric Oven/Cooker1585,00
    051 Gas Cooker/Oven 1350,00
    061Thermos    95,05
    071 Table Gas Cooker + Meat grinder+ Fruit Blinder  560,00
    081Flask+ Container+ Kettle   99,00
    091 Digital Camera  560,00
    103 Gas bottle full  231,00
    1111.Various Cooking Utility  250,00
    121 big round Table  250,00
    14Canvas Tents (for shelter)  100,00
    NBTotal cost6980,05

    Xaasley Adar Mohamud
    011Adar Mohamud Haji Abbas354-07C0733901-04-1970
    022Mohamed Ashur Ahmed354-07C0733912-06-2000
    033Abdifatah Anshur Ahmed354-07C0733906-03-1999
    044Run Anshur Ahmed354-07C0733912-05-1996
    Xaasle Abdikhadar
    051Abdikahadar Abdullahi Jama354-08C0390801-01-1973
    062Anab Yusuf Adan354-08C0390801-01-1987
    073Zakeriye Abdi khaddar Abdulahi354-08C0390807-09-2007
    084Amal Abdi khaddar Abdullahi354-08C0390821-09-2008
    Xaasley Safiya Ahmed Handulle
    091Safiya Ahmed handulle354-09C0277901-01-1969
    102Nasruddin Farah Barre354-09C0277901-01-2007
    113Nawal Farah Barre354-09C0277901-01-2006
    124Nadro Farah Barre354-09C0277901-01-2002
    Xaasle Mohamud Mohamed Ahmed
    131Mohamud Mohamed Ahmed354-09C0055501-01-1984
    142Nasro Ali Mohamed354-09C0055501-01-1986
    153Khadro Mohamud Mohamed354-09C0055501-09-2006
    164Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed354-09C0055525-05-2008
    Xaasley Suad Ali Omar
    171Suad Ali Omar354-07C0415223-05-1989
    182Abdullahi Mohamed Omar354-07C0415201-01-2008
    Xaasley Habibo Elmi Ali
    191Habibo Elmi ali354-08C0109201-01---------------
    202Ali dahir said354-08C01092-----------------
    213Hodan Dahir Said354-08C0109201-01-------------
    224Mohamed Abdirizaq Mohamed354-08C01092-----------------
    235Maryan Dahir Said354-08C01092-----------------
    Xaasle Daud Ali Osman
    241Daud Ali Osman354-09C0250901-01 1983
    252Halima Salah Abdulahi354-09C0250901-01-1983
    263Mohamed daud Ali354-09C0250901-05-2003
    274Mohamud Daud Ali354-09C0250926-06-2004
    285Ali daud Ali354-09C0250910-10-2006
    296Osman daud Ali354-09C0250915-08-2008
    Xaasley Bisharo Abdulkadir
    301Bisharo Abdulkadir354-07C0291501-01-1977
    312Ibado354-07C0291501-01 1957
    323Mohamed354-07C0291504-03 1997
    334Abdisamad354-07C0291501-04 1998
    345Amal354-07C0291504-03 2000
    356Ikram354-07C0291506-11 2002
    367Ilham354-07C0291510-03 2004
    3Abdiweli354-07C0291504-03 2005
    38Abdirahman354-07C0291505-07 2006
    Xaasley Asha Warsame Osman
    391Asha warsame osman354-07C0291301-01 1968
    402Ayan Isse Wehelie354-06C0203627-07-1990
    413Siham Isse Wehelie354-06C0203626-08-1991
    424Mohamed Isse Wehelie354-06C0203623-07-1988
    43Samira Isse Wehelie354-06C0203608-08-1993
    446Yasmin Isse354-06C0203618-05 1996
    457Hashi Isse354-06C0203610-01 2000
    Xaasley Layla Abdullahi
    461layla Abdullahi Mohamed354-08C0031901-01-1964
    472Hawo Mohamed Omar354-08C0031901-01-1953 -
    483Hayder Mohamed Ahmed354-08C0031901-01-1997
    494Yasmin Mohamed Ahmed354-08C0031901-01-1998
    505Deqo Abdullahi Hussein354-08C0031906-03-1998 -
    516Maka Ali Farah354-08C0031901-01-1999
    527Mohamed Abdullahi Hussein354-08C0031901-01-2000
    Xaasley Malyun
    Xaasle Mohamed Sh.
    561Mohamed Sh. Abukar354-354-08C0126001-01-1957
    572Mulki Abdullahi Islow354-354-08C0126001-01-1976
    Xaasley Idil Adan
    581Idil Adan Ali/Mrs354-354-08C0406401-01-1987
    592Saif Mukhtar Ismail354-354-08C0406401-01-2006
    Xaasley Hodan Aabi
    601Hodan abi354-08C0337001-01-1980
    612Mohamed Ali354-080337001-01-1982
    621Omar Musse Igalle354-07C0510301-01-------
    631Abdullahi Ahmed Awale354-09C0148201-01-------
    641Naimah Abdulwahab354-07C0291301-01-1993
    651Mimi Abdi Ali354-07C0291401-01-1996
    661Maryam Ibrahim354-04C0833101-01-1982
    671Ruwaida Haji Ali354-07C0416001-01-1988
    681 Siham Ali fahiye354-07C0416105-05-1989
    691Jiijiid Ahmed Barre354-09C0148421-01-1989
    701Maria Yasin Abdi354-07C0416601-10-1988
    711Layla Mohamud Awale354-08C0069801-01-1977
    721Mohamed Mohamud Omar354-09C0256901-01-1968
    731Bashir Haruuse Hassan354-------------01-01-------
    741Mohamed Abdulkadir354-07C0557901-01-1993
    751Mohamed Ali Yusuf354-0--------01-01--------
    761Maryan Hassan Mohamed354-07C0030301-01 1987
    771Mohamud Abdi Osman354-08C0030601-01 1980
    781Amina Awes Abahaji354-08C0249901-01 1991
    791Ahmed ishak Abdullahi354-08C0040808-04-1967
    801Abdirahman Ibrahim Dhiblawe354-08C0217401-01 1982
    81Amir Adan Hassan354-08C0174901-01 1993
    821Hashim Adaan Bahassan354-08C0288701-01 1992
    831Mohamed Hassan Nur354-08C0110301-01 1985
    841Mustafe Husein Hilowle354-08C016551993
    85Abdirahim Husein Hilowle354-08C011811989
    861Fardowsa Husein Ali354-07C0756501-01 1989
    871Abdirahman Nuh Mudei354-07C076181986
    881Fatuma Elmi Halane354-08C0365001-01 1983
    891Ibrahim Ahmed Salah354-08C0141603-11 1989
    901Amin Abdulahi Mohamud354-07C0329107-02 1987
    911Naimo Bashir Mohamed354-08C0082614-02 1993
    921Raho Said Aded354-09C0390101-12 1989
    931Ruki Idris Hadi354-09C005161992
    941Hani Kasim Mohamed354-08C031921990
    951Nasteho Husein Hilowle354-08C011971973
    961Hikma Husein Hilowle354-08C016551991