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War baa u Gaajo Kulul, War la helyaa Talo la hel!

We the Restore Hope School Teachers

Improving with kids of our own. We struggled a lot to provide our children with the most opportunities to achieve success, and be happy.

We, Restore Hope Teachers, we committed to teach our children in a good will and prosperity to reach their goal of Educations. We have made these activities within a limit time but different times in different sessions this is the Puchong Refugee Communities while they are contentment to exercising some activities; any one of you can feel their faces that they are happy & enjoying. After 2 years of teaching group of our most talented children we made assessments determining and evaluating, we discovered that it is possible to achieve our targets if:-.

Good parenting is about developing our children to be well rounded, while keeping a balance between hard work, focus and teachers having well of conduct could be implementing in to the way of teaching concept.

We believe in developing the entire child. The Teachers Model addresses not just math, language and science but also music, art and spatial activity’s skills, social skills, confidence, and physical fitness. We actively develop the left and right brains, as well as the rest of the body.

Study after study has shown that an individual’s success as an adult has far less to do with pure academic ability, and much more to do with having a complete skill set related to creativity, leadership and communication skills are also our priority and the talent to work with others. Unfortunately, our amylases also show that if individuals don’t acquire those skills very early in life, it becomes significantly more difficult to gain them as adults.

Our Combining Assessment results with feedback and concerns from parents and students, our Teachers will design and deliver a fully customized learning plan.
Together, we’ll define what success should look like for OUR child, and guarantee to reach certain goals by a stated deadline.

We guarantee our children’s satisfaction. If we have not reached the milestones as detailed in our child’s Customized Learning Plan, we’ll continue to work with our child until we get there, for FREE knowledge and education skills test. After we achieve the first set of goals, our school will continue to work with parents and students to define the next set of objectives

Our Teachers Assessment plan is not a traditional standardized test only - we do not seek to categorize kids as “high” or “low” performers. Our experience has shown that within every child lies genius; it’s simply a matter of finding that genius and determining how best to access it.
Whereas other tutoring organizations have created a single system that students are required to fit into, Student customizes the entire learning plan around each individual child’s needs and strengths. Our free* proprietary assessment gives us unparalleled insight into our child’s strengths and potential concerns within each of 8 intelligence categories. Your collaborations support is highly consideration to achieve our goals.
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