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Community service (Why we prioritize our certain duty important)

 Minimize the risk of exclusive
 Recognizes power relation
 Promotes greater respect for the right of refugee women and gender equity
 Promotes participation by children particularly adolescents
 Leads to enhanced accuracy of data records
 Improves relation between Organization & Community, thus enhancing accountability.
 Promotes more holistic, comprehensive understanding of an issue & the responses
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"Community service isn’t about padding one’s resume, it isn’t about doing things so that one might be proud and arrogant about it. But it is the beginning realization of to the greater understanding our humanity, our fragility and a greater appreciation of the great lives that so many of us lead and deem to be “normal” – when it pretty much is extraordinary in its own respect relative to many other individuals around the world. "

"Community service puts me out of myself and lets me see a different part of myself, which is important to me. "

"Community service is helping people, but also gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human sympathy. "

"Community service never feels like a responsibility to me, or an obligation. I love it. Never do I feel better about how I have spent my time than at the end of a day of service. "

"I have been so blessed in my life. I am so lucky, especially to be at Refugee in Malaysia. It’s such an amazing place and, particularly while I’m here, I feel like I need to help other people. "

"Community service is important to me because I believe that people have a responsibility to provide support for one another.”

"Community service is important to me for so many reasons! First and foremost, I take pride in knowing that I am helping to positively affect someone’s life. "

"Community service is important to me because it helps people in my community and because it has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and take initiative.”

"I believe that a society cannot be truly successful with a mentality that every individual should only worry about themselves and in the end things will work out for the best. Community service is about building a stronger community whether on campus, in your neighborhood, city, state, or any other type of community. "

"Part of being a person is about helping others. "

"Accumulating concepts and ideas will make you an intelligent person, but to be a great person you must utilize that intelligence to have a beneficial impact on our society."

 "At this crazy time of change, when I’m supposed to be setting the foundation for my future, I am often nagged by small doubts: “Is that the best choice? Will I be able to ‘use’ this later?” I never have this feeling when it comes to service, because every moment is so meaningful and immediately worthwhile."

"There are so many people who have to get by with all types of nothing, whether it’s no food, no affection, no education, or no respect. To alleviate any degree of any burden – to make something better – is, for me, the pinnacle of accomplishment and hope."

"Community service should not be done just to announce the completion. It should be done without looking for a reward or praise. It should not be looked at as doing something for someone, but assisting them in making life better and fulfilling."

"The connection and relationship with the community that develops from community service adds an invaluable layer to education.”

"It benefits you just as much as the people you serve. There is no better feeling than knowing you've made a positive impact on another person's life. It is my responsibility, due to all of the privileges I have been given, to help those that have less."

"Through community service, I learn what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself."

"Through reflecting on my service experiences, I gained intense awareness of myself, the privilege I experience, and the profound injustice lurking in our world."

"When you learn about different people, you can respect each other more and you can not be fearful. You think they are just so different and their lives are so different from ours. And that’s not true."

"Community service is a crucial part of the college experience, as it’s important knowledge that can't be learned from inside the classroom.”

"Asking why I incorporate community service into my teaching is a little like asking why I incorporate breathing into living."

"You really can be anyone and do service."

"There's always a way in day to day life to incorporate service."

"Community Service is one way of putting your mark on the world and experiencing diversity to enhance your mind and spirit."

"I do community service simply because I want to help others when they are struggling."

"Community service gives me a valuable opportunity to walk into a different community that is less familiar to me but just as colorful and most importantly, in need."

"I believe community service is one of the most important aspects of my time frame experience. Without a community service outlet, I would not feel fulfilled because it allows me top at the lives and needs of others in front of my own for a little time each week"

"In classes, in the media, and in our own life experiences students learn about and witness situations in our local and global communities that simply seem wrong. Giving whatever time and skills we can offer to make these wrongs right is our responsibility as witnesses to these situations. No matter how small the contribution, it provides a source of fulfillment and empowerment to us as individuals. "

"When you're a pre-med, there's a lot of work, so you have to take a break. And I've made Community Service my break. That way I get away from the school and the WU bubble. And it's just refreshing and it reenergizes me."

"Get involved! Just give community service a chance. You might stumble onto something you're really passionate about. And that's worth everything. Just give it a chance."

"I have discovered my greatest strengths in serving others. I truly believe in investing yourself in the community that you live in through community service. "

"Community Service has taught me to be myself. When you are helping people or making a difference, there is no time to be self-conscious. Community service has also taught me that anything is possible."

"Community service should be thought of as a two-way street. A better term might be “community opportunity,” because this term accurately reflects the notion that community service provides opportunities for all participants, whether the beneficiary of the service, the provider of the service, or some third party, and thus it provides opportunities for the community as a whole."

"Community service is an essential way for students to get involved in something larger than Wash U. It is the grassroots manner in which we can truly "make a difference" in the life of another person. "
"Part of being a good citizen of a community is spending time in that community and aiding other members—lifting them up just as someone once did for you."

"This is the community that we live in and it is up to us to maintain it and take care of it"
"This is the community that we live in and it is up to us to maintain it and take care of it."

"A fulfilling and meaningful life is created through service to others. I believe that doing community service grounds my values and morals and helps me to make the most of my life."

"Community service means giving back to the culture and people that surround you. It means supporting the immediate community on a local scale."

"I've learned the importance of a single individual and that every bit counts towards the greater good. I've also learned the importance of organization and of keeping people involved in the organization."

"I think that community service is something that if you try it once, you’ll just be hooked. You learn a lot from the people that you serve and the people that you serve with. You learn how to accept help."

"It has given us a sense of the world outside of the college campus. Community service keeps one grounded when navigating the decisions that will affect one’s future. I enjoy stepping outside Wash U and collaborating with the community. I enjoy feeling the sense of accomplishment that I am affecting others positively. "

"Community Service is important because it can put you in situations that you might not have been in before and enriches your life in this way. You may have questions going into a project and come out with more than you expected. Doing community service helps build bonds between those whom you are working with. "

"Being involved in community service has always been an important part of my life, even before I realized I was doing it."

"What began during my Somali Community service pre-orientation program as an interest in giving back to my community has blossomed into a life-long commitment to fighting for equal opportunity."

"Community service is important to really get the most of your experiences in school. You really learn a lot about strength, compassion and vulnerability."

"Community service has helped me to realize the contradictions that we live in. We say that everyone has the same opportunities and they really don’t. [Through service] I see the effects of that."

"Community service is important because everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference in their environment in their own way."

"Community service is an investment in the future and wellbeing of those around you."

"When it comes to community service, sometimes it can be rewarding simply to help raise money for an organization. However, it can be far more fulfilling to establish direct relationships with members of the community that one wishes to become involved with. Direct experiences throughout my college career affected me profoundly as I learned from individuals in Saint Louis coming from all walks of life. With direct contact with the community, one oftentimes feels that one receives far more than what one gives. Once you do get directly involved with a community, be consistent. Don't give up after a semester. Keep it up for at least a year or two. You won’t regret it."

"I view community service primarily as an act of responsibility, and not merely an act of generosity."

"I've learned that service is more than helping others. It's about being able to immerse yourself in the culture of the service and the people. That way you get a better grasp of the community and how you're a part of it, and in doing so, take pride in what you do. That's one of the biggest lessons I've learned so far."

"School comes first, but there are those times when I feel a need to stop the rote memorization of obsolete textbooks. I feel that to be actually living in St. Louis I have to be reaching out to people; we must learn to excel vertically in our studies and horizontally through our experiences to the degree that our potential allows."

"I have found challenging my own perspectives and my comfort zone to be extremely rewarding and essential to personal growth, but more importantly, I have gained an appreciation for my own power to good and make change in the community around me."

"From service in St. Louis, I realized I needed to spend my life doing well."

"Community service is wherever there is a need, and whatever you think that you can do."

"Students come to Wash U not just to enjoy four years within the confines of campus; we come to be part of the greater St. Louis community. Service allows us to learn first-hand about people, culture, and the society around us. It allows us to apply all of the knowledge and skills that we learn in the classroom to real life; service helps us connect to our surroundings. For me, community service has been the most valuable part of my Wash U education. Community service has taught me about leadership, culture, and myself, and my experiences with service here have shaped my future. "

"I think that community service is a crucial part of a well-rounded education. Participating in community service in college prepares students to be productive members of society. It allows students the opportunity to understand the importance of service to others as a fundamental aspect of being a member of any community. "

"We may not be able to perfect the word in our lifetimes, but every effort we put forth counts."

"Although community service has helped me to appreciate what I have, it has also taught me how happy people can be without things that I think of as necessities."

"Any amount of volunteering makes an impact in ways that we can’t even imagine."

"I like service-learning because it insists that students grapple with both the continuities and the discrepancies between theory and practice as they move back and forth between the world of the classroom and the world of service."

"Community service is an important part of who I am. It’s that little part of me that academics, friends, and even family can’t fill. It is the satisfaction of knowing that I am not just taking from the community, but rather growing with it."

"I am more patient because of community service. I appreciate what I have more because of community service. I also appreciate hard work."

"Community Service serves as a reality check and an inspiration to continue bettering society"

"Service is important to me because I feel that I must do my best to make this world beautiful, be it through small or large actions.”

"It keeps them in touch with what's important in the real world. It makes you appreciate the opportunities that you have. They say to whom much is given, much is required, and as college students, we have already been given a lot--and it is our responsibility to give back to the community, especially to those who have not been given the same opportunities we have. "

"It is so easy to go to college and get stuck in the college bubble…Getting involved in St. Louis and in the St. Louis community helps to keep perspective."

"Service is an educational experience, it is a social experience – it’s fun."

"College is a time for students to open their minds to new ideas and interests; helping others through community service acts as a real world yardstick against which new knowledge can be measured. "

"Your environment limits your perspective. Community service expands it."

"Community service is what got me to where I am today."

"Community service is what got me to where I am today."

"I was luckily born into an advantageous situation. Therefore, giving back to the community is a way to help others to experience some of the opportunities I have experienced."

"You learn a lot in your classes, but you can’t learn about human relationships and about life from a book."

"I think that service means compassion and love and reaching out to people that don’t have as much as yourself."

"I have learned the importance of human relationships and the importance of listening. Sometimes that’s all people want, is for someone to listen."

"There’s so much going on in the world and to be consumed only with what you’re doing on a daily basis, I think would not only be boring, but unfulfilling."

"The things I do and the people I meet through doing community service always challenge me to do more for my community."

"Service is a way you live every day. Some people think that it is something that you do for four hours on Saturday and then you go home. But service is so much more than that."

"You have to be real about what’s going on in the world today. If you really are honest about what is going on in the world, I don't see how you can not want to do something."

"I've just been drawn to community service, helping others just feeds my soul. Knowing that I'm helping someone else enriches my life, and I hope it enriches their life too."

"Community service is an important aspect to remaining grounded and involved in the local community around us. This is especially important for college students who can often get caught up in the "bubble" of a college campus or our needs and commitments as individuals in terms of academics and other extracurricular activities. It is a strong reminder that we are all part of a larger community that we should regularly engage in and contribute to. Most importantly it is a reality check for those of us privileged enough to have such a college education that there are so many others in these communities who do not have the same resources or opportunities. "

"Community service has kept me humble and grounded."

"Community service has kept me humble and grounded."

"Service, for me, is a way of showing gratitude for all those things that I do have, and at the same time trying to give others a better life."

"Community service is important to me because I feel that helping others is almost necessary to your own well-being. To take the opportunity to do something selfless for someone else is priceless. "

"Community service is important to me because I feel that helping others is almost necessary to your own well-being. To take the opportunity to do something selfless for someone else is priceless."

"I have found myself through service."

"Service has taught me courage, compassion, love, appreciation, teamwork, humility. I have seen hardship and pain and the power that a simple act of kindness holds. And I have been forever changed by the people I have met, worked with, and served."

"Community service expands the studies of intelligent college students so that they may use the powers with which they have been blessed to empower others."

"We are members of this University and this community. We have a responsibility to give back to the area that provides us with a home for the years that we are here. Community service allows us to connect to the neighborhood, make a difference, and have fun! "

"Community service is about giving back – giving back to a community that has welcomed you."

"There's so much to learn about a city, but there's also so much to learn about yourself. I really do think that you get as much out of a community service experience as the person that you are serving does."

"A large part of 'community service' is giving part of yourself to other people and putting their larger needs in front of your smaller ones."

"Community service has made me a better person. I am more willing to see other sides of a story, more aware of the great diversity in the world, and more willing to do more for people outside of my immediate community of friends and family."
"I do community service because I feel that the only reason that I'm not the recipient of community service is because I was lucky. Many kinds of suffering that occur in this world are completely reasonless and due to some random spectrum of inequality. I do what I can to both decrease that spectrum of inequality and make people aware of the extremes on either end."
"Through community service I've met like-minded people who feel passionate about the same causes I do. "
"Every community service moment is memorable. "
In order to serve well, you must listen, be patient, and not judge. "
"In order to serve well, you must listen, be patient, and not judge. "

"Community service has been an outlet for me to make difference in peoples’ lives and to do justice to the privileges with which that I have been born."

"Community service is not something I do, it is a part of who I am. "

"Community service is recognizing the disparities in America and doing your best to help resolve them."

"Community service is important to me because it has taught me the value of putting others before myself."

"There are at least two benefits to doing community service. Clearly we can support each other with our efforts and initiatives; we can raise money for cancer research and we can make sure that hungry people are fed. Even still, the worst thing in the world is to feel alone. At least half of the support we do with community service is simply letting other people know that we're here and we care."

"Community service brings out the best in us, inspires hope in each other, and empowers us to believe in a better future."

"My service begins and ends in my home community; it starts with the people around me and reaches out to people across the world, but by the end of the day, it ends once again with my friends and neighbors. My service is about actions both big and small, from massive fundraisers to one-on-one conversations. It is anything I can do to support others, whether large and planned or by chance during my day."

 "With all the work that we all have in school and the many distractions that Wash. U. may give us, it is important to head out into the greater St. Louis community to try to understand how life is for many other people"

"I find that I enjoy living life most when I feel that I am living not just for myself but for other people as well."

"Community service is very important to me because I feel that I have been placed in a very fortunate position in life; therefore, I must give back to the community in any way that I can."

"I feel like I am very blessed. I have not had to want for anything, material or in my family, and I feel obligated. I really believe that I am no better than someone who has a less stable living situation through no fault of their own."

"It is about changing attitudes about doing community service. You are not just doing something for somebody else. It is not a charity case. It is a service. And if you open yourself up to the experience, it’s helping you just as much as it is helping them."

"As I’ve wandered around neighborhoods, I’ve discovered a lot of disparities in St. Louis, culturally, economically, racially, etc. It makes me want to stay here longer. It helps me realize that St. Louis is the community I live in, not just WU."

"Community service is absolutely essential to one's college experience. College is not just about the experiences that shape you, but also the way you are able to shape others while you are here. To passively go through college is to waste an incredible opportunity. Until you are able to truly give of yourself and impact the lives of others along the way, you have not fully experienced college. Community service has given me the unique and invaluable opportunity to engage in my community, split open the Wash.U. Bubble, and truly make a difference. "

"Education is meant to serve more than just yourself. An institution of higher learning is meant to provide students with the skills and the knowledge to go out into the world to help others. Education is about opening your eyes to how you can help others and giving you the tools to do it."

"Getting out into the community changes your perspective in a positive way, but you may not realize that until afterward."

"When asking people if they were interested in doing After School Art, and doing art with St. Louis City kids at an after school program, I found that many people were excited at just the prospect of it. And I was just asking, I didn't do anything. But I have realized that often, folks want to do community service very much, they just need an invitation to do it, sometimes. Hopefully, people will stop needing invitations."

"Community service humbles you a little bit. It helps you understand your place in the grand scheme of things. A lot of people don’t have the things that Washington University students have."

"To remain connected to the community of St Louis, which is now our community, it is important to give back. "

"I believe that in order to thoroughly understand your community, you have to be involved in it."

"If there is something that I can do to help others in my community, I feel like it’s my job to do so"

"If there is something that I can do to help others in my community, I feel like it’s my job to do so."

"“I am a firm believer in the old cliché ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ and since I owe so much to the village that raised me, the least I can do is pass it on and offer my services to my ‘village.’"

"Community Service provides students with the opportunity to give back to the community and experience the rich diversity that exists in the world around us.”

"Service can foster a sense of community for both volunteers and those we serve. It provides an opportunity for students to do their part in helping to solve problems in their communities. "

"Ultimately, community service can be very instructive for you and for others. It forces you to look at yourself in the mirror."

"There is a certain kind of simplicity in life that you get from giving yourself to others."

"You should try everything at least once because it might change your life, in the most unexpected ways."

"My view of community service has really changed. I see it now as a symbol of building community. Whether it is as simple as picking up trash off of the street, or treating people well. Looking a homeless person in the eye."

"The more that I do [community service], the more that I believe that it is very self motivating. It is both a humbling and a growing experience. It keeps me sane."

"I think it is important to recognize that people are just people, and that we need to share our knowledge and ideas with each other. Community service is just as much about changing yourself at the same time you’re affecting someone else's life."

"There are dozens of programs to choose from, tons of publicity for them and hundreds of ways to get involved with them. I never realized how much students did on this campus. I feel like I am hearing about new organizations all the time."

"Community service has definitely helped me look beyond my small community at school and recognize that there is a lot more to discover and learn. I think it has also given me a sense that my actions have a direct impact on others because doing community service is so tangible and real."

"Community service is a great way to get involved and meet people. There are so many programs just within WU that it's really easy to find a program that directly relates to your interests. It’s a great way to see the city, meet new people, and be active."

"We can worry so much about getting the best grades, building the best resumes, but if we don’t make community service a priority, we’re not interesting people, and we’re not interested people."

"Each time you can do some kind of service for someone, you have the opportunity to learn new ideas, discover new perspectives, and ultimately grow as an individual."

"I’m in St. Louis; I want to BE in St. Louis! "
"Community service means a lot to me: it means getting down and dirty; it means asking for input from the community you seek to serve; it means social, economic, and environmental justice; and it definitely means finishing whatever you have started."

"Through community service, I've learned to be humble. This is still a work in progress, but I am now realizing what I have, and more importantly, what I have been given."

"It's important for students to realize that outside of Wash U's borders, outside of exams and reports, there are real problems that need our leaders and our help. Edited by Ahmed Jama +60172241835 Email aja2153@hotmail.com Skype aja2153