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Donors Request for..

I am writing you on behalf of Somali Refugees in Malaysia those who returning back to native country due to unstable living condition. HIGSAD & ERDO has joint venture & is Alliances NGO’s organizations that we started with three friends from Somali Intellectuals in mid 1985. Sincerely; our mission is to raise awareness of and funding for refugees rehabilitation in Mogadishu. We wish to establish a new Somali Poultry Farm and Fish Farm in Mogadishu Sincerely; we accomplish this by hosting three main camping nights a year. These camping nights simulate refugee’s camps and provide information & job opportunity to vulnerable community members on basis of protection refugee issues. Proceeds from these camping nights go to help refugees who have relocated to Mogadishu after extremist Al-shabab gone away from the Capital; this will be benefit able for over 500 vulnerable relocating Refugees groups from Kenya & from City Suburbs.
On Aug 23rd, Camping for a Cause will be hosting one of our educational camping events. Your help with our event would go direct a long way to making our camping night successful. We would greatly appreciate a donation your choice to either one of these two projects on your vegetable platters. After more practical evaluation and survey analysis being made, we beleive that this project will be profitable and make more sustainability soon after implemented, the two projects are as follows:-
1: Somali Poultry Farm which is very important to Somalis survivals mostly are needed materials
2: Somali Fish farm will give vital sustainable live saving to Somalis, mostly needed heavy duty materials.
In return for your generosity, we will hang your Organization’s logo above the Farm & food table every moments and mention your company’s contribution in our flyers to tell our people what is the real value of this Donor organization and their objective backgrounds other than to help our vulnerble Somalis!.
I personally will go back to implement the project upon fundraising approved, and you will receive monthly transparent feed back report.
Thank you for considering our request. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me. I will follow up with a phone call in the next couple of days.
Thank you. Ahmed Jama: Tel; +60172241835 Email aja2153@hotmail.com
From Somali Refugee Community living in Putra Perdana 5F Puchong Malaysia