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War baa u Gaajo Kulul, War la helyaa Talo la hel!

To: US Embassy

It’s my chance to seek my praise from American citizens whom I have endorsed them a chance to getaway from the up-and-coming flames of civil war and social strife In Mogadishu in late 1990. To be right frank, I am Mr. Ahmed Jama [please see attached documents] perhaps you don’t know me and have no idea what I am talking about but I am kindly request you to have tolerant and observe thoroughly the attached and what I mean the cover.

The day of the out-break of social strife in Somalia in late 1990, I was the officer in charge that arranged and swiftly evacuated the American citizens in Mogadishu, certainly I performed my duty in good comportment and successfully completely evacuated the listed American citizens from the Embassy, unfortunately, I was left Back and remained helpless in Somalia for long suffering.

In Fact it was my duty to help and support them but that wasn’t enough motivated me but my commitment to help a friend in a hostile circumstance forced me to accomplish my duty to the satisfaction of my friends in need and to demonstrate that I am proud, responsible and honest officer in charge In hard times and secondly what I did in favor of helpless people wasn’t just to be rewarded, respected or otherwise honored but I did it for one specific reason! They were friends in need and in fact indeed.

Since that day I was seeking a way-out but I failed to met my satisfaction and leave this hostile country [Somalia] for all and search a new opportunity to live in anther friendly country.

It’s my turn; in fact no body knows what future holds for him or her but if I had known my fate for the last sixteen years I would definitely followed and leave the country the same day I was evacuating them.

Never too late! Still my friends are alive whom I helped them, perhaps if I don’t know them whereabouts or even them and perhaps I am not fresh in their minds yet I for certainly feel that I have friends in deed and stranded in Mogadishu with very difficulty life.

You are the ambassador of that people, please make favor, I have long been suffering in Somalia, and I am now in Malaysia under UNHCR as a refugee with all my family I decided to search seeking asylum I am a friend in need; please evacuate me now it’s my turn. Thank you. Kind regards

Mr. Ahmed Jama Ahmed
Somali Air Commercial & Traffic Manager
My contactable address now is Malaysia:
1-49A, Putra Perdana 5F, Tmn Putra Perdana 47100
Puchong, Selangor Malaysia. : Mobile: +60172241835

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal." Dr. King