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Restore Hope School

Somali Refugee Restore Hope School In Puchong Malaysia
Address: 3-48B- Jalan Putra Perdana 5F, Tmn Putra Perdana 47100 Selangor Puchong
Our School centre in Jalan Putra Pertdana 5F Puhong Selangor Malaysia is around 50 KM west of KL 1: 45 minutes from by Rapid Bus U69, or Metro 20 from KL, but if you have your own Car you may reach within half hours or 20 Minutes, depends on if there is no Traffic Jump. Somali Refugee Restore Hope School translates from Somali to English as our School syllabus! The word Restore Hope means to re-survive again, “We taught our children Reading & writing concept”

It began This School for two years ago after, we moved out from KL while we were Holding Refugee Status. This Town Putra Perdana is where we are residents since Dec. 2008. This region looked so beautiful from the higher land, there was not more residents available when we come in; it was almost empty around areas and no resident around.
This really touched our heart, so much interested because of less house renting and less Security surveillances and much calm and also very polite and humble people are living in this area.

The probe challenges we have faced was, we become far away from our contact’s friends those who live in Gombak where more Somalis are living and also UNHCR Headquarter in Bukit Bitaling, we constrain long traveled by either some times Bus or Taxis through transportation problems and that community assistants needs This resulted in impossibility to reach the UNHCR annual meeting sessions which usually held in KL only due to Transportation Problems, where many other peoples could easily attended from their Resident’s KL and we committed to established this School Functions with a Community efforts & their Contributions, that was running only up to 10 Month and then collapsed due to lack of facility reasons, this was planted. Preliminary support was setup for orphans and children who currently live as Refugee status who are homeless with their poor Single mothers & relatives.
A Monday morning on 11 Jan.2009 was established and school uniforms were bought for poor children; a necessity because they couldn’t attend state school. Most of the funding was met by TZU-CHI and UNHCR sending providing Teachers Subsidy and working projects were met by UN Agencies. Converted to Ringit we spent this school for about 12, 000, 00. Twelve thousand Ringgit the priority at present is the provision of Reading & writing for English Languages and applications have been made to the appropriate agencies.

As these children moved on and as we kept on helping, they grew up and the very poor ones and orphaned ones passed their exams to move on to Primary2 School. Although Primary1 School is always either free or little charges to be covered by School Rental Fees for every child. Each Child School is fee paying and there are all the necessary items to be bought. Parents and guardians are poor and the Primary1-2 School has two Centre Units and also Simi boarding, more expensive items like Chairs, Tables, uniforms Computer Training and more stationery are essentially needed.
There is no Somali Refugees employed in this village because of no permitted and the majority of the people are very poor relying on resting their home and daily food making and all necessities. Sometimes the single mothers have no any access of cooking dish because of they don’t have any thing to eat, and then we try to help each another for their survivals.

We have just gone through a 3 year with hopeless, disappointed for not seen any bright future for resettlements. Where the other communities probably got immediate approval for their resettlements, but we only stranded community here for poverty and people nearly starved. There is no public transport for the people to travel daily and regularly to town for Medical Check up or little shopping incase. The nearest town is only Tesco Puchong. The majorities of the children are under our care to call for International Donors and under age 4 year has not yet started Primary School. We planned it necessary 7month ago to open Toy Box School by UK Volunteers, so that the little ones from the young (2) up to 4 years old can come, Monday, and Wednesdays for a Toy Box school teaching. We have volunteer teacher trained for Toy Box beginner’s school. These children come to learn basic listening and follow me concept :-( say after me) at this early age will be conduct, but are also given a simple meal from their Mothers before they go home in the afternoon. Then on Fridays they all come together with the Primary School ones and meet for recreation and social activities. Our children are multicultural and multi faith. All are treated equally and loved each and every one very much.
There are five teachers who are living with the children’s school who are Refugees Status and whose home is now at our Schools. Together with other children, the Teachers gives them disciplinary check and assessment of their home life. Some of the primary school children come from very poor people’s homes. It is necessary to help them by providing with bright uniforms and stationary every 6 Months. They come to the centre every Friday to join the school children for recreation and awareness orientation together. The other groups of children, who go to Primary1, 2, School are also very poor within their family’s livings, they are provided with uniforms so that they do not miss schools. Some of them wear Clothes that are tatty and are not replaced for years. This group of over 3o in numbers also comes in the school term, but only every Friday to join the little ones. They share some times a simple meal and also are assessed for uniforms and health care by Tzu-Chi. This is very basic care for them but has alleviated a lot of suffering and has given the parents a new hope of life. There are medical given cares in every refugee in this village but are quite basic needed
This Village could profit from a small hospital Saradang as the nearest hospital is over 40 KM away, which is not helping them some times according to their Refugee Status and cause inconveniences and there is no public transport for any in case of emergency either. Especially the pregnant women who are always kept behind their lovely babies till they cavorted we are a community subjected that strives to give basic care and love to all indeed and in needed, particularly the children, widows and the poor elderly.

We have up to 45 Students with children and 9 Single Mothers who come to the School every day accept on Sundays. They are from all around the village up to over 2 kilometers’ around, and they walk there and back the same. We have no simple permitted play areas and a play field with swings and slides and other games of ball etc. The orphans of this village live at home and stranded and disappointment with their guardians, but we have found that most of the guardians are very old and poor grandparents. Some live with their Single Mothers, aunties and uncles or brothers and orphanage sisters.

Widows are very poor and struggling to bring the children up and searching for their daily survival food; they live in very old buildings who are laying rubbishes on which are cracking & dilapidated, with roofs that leaks soon after painted, their Toilets are uncomfortable to use as old dehydrated dirty painted from about 3-4 decade. We constrain to live these houses is because of lack funds to cover the rentals.